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Fun facts about shopping

  Strolling through shopping malls is a fun activity, wastes time and sometimes money, but how much do you really know about shopping as a whole? Your shopping habits might be something intimate for you, something you consider to be your ritual. But at the same time, they are always…

This is why offline shopping is still big and will remain big

  If you take a look at media reports for the past 10 years, it would seem to you that offline shopping is on life support and nearly dead. Online shops, shopping tools and payment methods have come into the focus of both media and developers. A market niche has…

Mean lean sobering machine

„After over a year of work and reasonable amount of money spent on development, there is a chance that our entire project might not be as good as we think? -Precisely.“ That's what lean does to you. It confronts you and your startup with questions we never asked ourselves, or…