Mean lean sobering machine


„After over a year of work and reasonable amount of money spent on development, there is a

chance that our entire project might not be as good as we think? -Precisely.“

That’s what lean does to you. It confronts you and your startup with questions we never asked

ourselves, or asked others. It takes you out of your comfort zone, the garage, and beats you down

with facts and experience. Is that good? Extremely good. I’m trying to avoid any masochistic

conotations here. Let me try and explain.

As all startups do, Wishster came to be as a product of an idea which wouldn’t let us sleep.

Something we saw as to be too good to let go, something we remembered in the morning even

without writing it down. Team of friends with different set of skills and a common goal. Make a

mobile application that is connected with buying in physical stores. Sort of, turn the table around

when it comes to shopping trends. Did I mention we never lacked ambition?

So, we started working on it, spending time and money on the project. It took us a bit less than a year

to develop a prototype and test it. The testing did what we set to do and gave us some valuable input

regarding further development.

That gave us boost and we felt it was time to start developing the project in a more serious manner,

and connect with people who can help us. So, we entered Zagreb enterpreneurship incubator and

first handedly met the „mean lean sobering machine“.

Our metaphysical dream project was shot down to reality, making us think and rethink the things we

thought were rock solid. At first I found it hard, because we did well in the garage. Everyone told us

it’s a good idea. What happened between the garage and now?

Nothing really happened. After a good night out, when everything is great, the morning hangover

kicked in. The sobering part of the night out. We just started talking about everything from a

different angle. Putting things in perspective and context. Because our startup is not just the app

we’re trying to develop, but everything around it as well. Marketing, sales, customer development,

pitches, you name it!

All that needs to be developed in order for a startup to succeed. That applies for every startup.

Because even with the best idea ever, you’ll need to develop a plan at some point of development.

Or you won’t get anywhere. Lean is trying to prepare you for the questions you’ll need to answer.

Prepare you and even more importantly, your startup for the troubles ahead. Make it more


So, is there a „mean lean sobering machine“ through which I tried to grab your attention by

mentioning it in the headline? Not really. All you really have to do is prove your concept will work.

The best way to do that is to simply make it work. Leave the comfort zone and test it. If it fails, adapt

it. If it fails, adapt it. If it fails, adapt it. I think you get the drill.

How many times you’ll repeat the process is up to you. Maybe next time it would work, maybe not.

It’s up to you when you quit. Now, that does sound a bit masochistic.


Posted on: April 24, 2016, by : Brna