Fun facts about shopping

Strolling through shopping malls is a fun activity, wastes time and sometimes money, but how much do you really know about shopping as a whole? Your shopping habits might be something intimate for you, something you consider to be your ritual. But at the same time, they are always a part of a bigger picture, a picture most oftenly observed by retailers and mall managers. Here’s some fun info on what that bigger picture looks like. Can you find yourself in any of the elements?

  1. On average, it takes five trips to the mall to complete all holiday shopping.
  2. Research indicates that shopping has a direct effect on the brain’s pleasure centers. It can flood the brain with dopamine, similar to the way a drug addict experiences a fix.
  3. Six percent of the U.S. population can be considered “compulsive buyers,” which is an addiction to shopping that affects both men and women equally.
  4. December 15-24th is the crux of the holiday shopping season, accounting for 40% of holiday business.
  5. Retailers rely on several psychological triggers to attract consumers into their store, such as placing limits on items, offering “gifts” with purchase, employing visual tricks, and declaring that sales are ending soon (when in fact discounts are common throughout the season).
  6. Shopping is influenced by several subconscious appeals to consumers. For example, if shoppers like the type of music retailers are playing, shoppers will be more likely to enter the store and like the products. Additionally, the slower the tempo of the music, the slower people will walk through the store, and the more they will buy. A faster tempo will encourage shoppers to walk faster and, consequently, they won’t buy as much.
  7. The average mall shopper stays for 80 minutes and spends $75 each visit.
  8. Designers believe women will buy more if they hear their heels clicking on polished hard surfaces, so they often use hard flooring hallways.  Carpeting and softer surfaces are said to lure customers and make them feel at home.

Branimir Barišić

Posted on: June 7, 2016, by : Brna