About Wishster


Wishster is a mobile application which helps you keep track of the things you like in stores. It works in three easy steps. You take a photo of something you like while the app automatically saves the location of the item. After that, you input parameters such as size, color, price and anything else you find that will help you organize. Then you’re all set. Share with your friends and ask for feedback!

That way, you can have all the items you like stored in one place and return to them whenever you want. But besides that, you get feedback from your friends, which makes the decision of buying something much more easy.

Besides your own stock of items you like, your friends can commit to buy those items for you through the app as well. Imagine how easy it will be for you to shop for your friends. You can stroll down the shopping center with your smartphone and know exactly what your friends want. That goes for you as well, of course.

By developing Wishster we aspire to help everyone organize their shopping routine in stores, because sometimes you’re simply not sure if you’re ready to buy something immediately.

By now we have developed an Android prototype and we ran the first test phase. After the survey we returned to app development in order to make the best app we can. The app that will be an integral part of your shopping routine.